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01-26-2010, 11:17 AM
If you made it this far, then I personally wish to welcome you again to SmokinStangs!!:bowdown:

You lucky dogs, with Sunny days and "All Year Round" driving......Peace!

Welcome to a new day, a new movement if you will. The goal here is to go, and go........real big!

Being a long time Hard-core Mustang Enthusiasts, and "Rolling in my 5.0" all around New England (and now 5.0 and/or GT500), I realized that they both have a special place in my heart, as I know yours. I have made many a friends believers & adopters of the Mustang over the years.

Being an Enthusiast comes in many forms, it really is a sickness in disguise, when you deep down think of it. I'll tell you what.....I determined I had a sickness years ago when I would deliberately take a rip in the Mustang, specifically to Boston, and more specifically to the tunnels of Boston, Massachusetts all to hear how that Mustangs engine sounds inside of it. I'm sure this brings many a fond "Musical" memories to most from the area as well. I've had many occasions, let it be early Sunday mornings to gorgeous nights, where I would drop the convertible top on either my restored & heavily modded 92....if I wanted raw, hard-core action, or the refined mildly enhanced, but beastly 07 GT500....if I wanted just a straight up kick ass ride.

So....let it be that you or I have a sickness, and or addition to the Mustang..........one thing is true.......we all are "True Enthusiasts." Enthusiasts, Members, Mustangs, and anything in between is what pulls us all together here on SmokinStangs.com as one great Global community.

I hope, and I'm sure you will, "Start your Engines".....and help Spread the Word. The best way to spread the word is by simply adding a link to to this site, by using http://www.SmokinStangs.com (http://www.smokinstangs.com/). Ideal places to do this is in your Signatures on other Forums, YouTube, MySpace, Blogs, Magazine websites - rides profiles, and basically any place you may "Peep a Tweet!":thumbup:

This site is going to be the biggest thing to hit our Mustang Community in a long time, why, because we already have the "Hottest" website name on the Planet........SmokinStangs.com and, yeah.....we know it's catchy as hell!!:toot:

So please get in on the Smokin Action as SmokinStangs.com.......is "the hot new site to be on!"
Where our members Smoke the competition!!