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01-31-2010, 01:10 PM
SmokinStangs.com does not authorize the promotion of any/all Businesses, Service-Natured Providers, Web links, Manufacturers, Parts.......unless express consent was received by any/all Administrators of SmokinStangs.com.

Business owners / Service Providers shall not post on the board promoting their business, unless/until they become approved vendors.

The Exception: In instances where members are giving/receiving recommendations based on private experience/s in dealing with such businesses and/or service-natured providers.......the "Insertation" of such is therefor OK and acceptable.

This will be STRICTLY Enforced and not tolerated. If a member/user is identified as performing such, an Infration/Warning will be placed on their account....with a Warning.

In the event that it happens a second time the member/user may lose their rights to participate within the SmokinStang.com Community. SmokinStangs.com reserves the right to enforcement of such policy to the fullest enxtend prohibited by law.

Please respect the SmokinStangs.com Mustang Community-Based Members & Staff by doing so.

If you would like to "Advertise and/or have a WebLink Source that you'd like to place on the SmokinStangs.com website.....please PM: SmokinStang

Now that that has been said......Please enjoy the site otherwise & "Thank You" for your Support! :bowdown:

SmokinStangs Mustang Forum
02-25-2014, 12:12 PM
This serves as a friendly reminder, as today 02/25/14, we actively had to enforce this policy.:readrules:
Just like the title says..."This policy is "STRICTLY ENFORCED" here on the site!"

We take advertising, and/or the lack of it...seriously here on SmokinStangs.

Please do not attempt to self promote and/or push your products, services on here on the SmokinStangs site without authorization.

http://join.thirdscribe.com/files/2013/04/Click-to-Learn-More-About-Our-No-Ads-Policy.png http://jackieulmer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/NoSelling.jpg

If you are sincerely interested in advertising here on the SmokinStangs.com website and/or the SmokinStangs Laconina Rally website...please PM: SmokinStangs, or email SmokinStangs@gmail.com

Site management, as well as our valued members & guests will appreciate & respect you all the more for doing the right thing!!

02-25-2014, 12:42 PM
And to expand the above Post #2,


Don't think that you will slither in and drop tidbits of adverts about the site, as it is closely monitored. We are not one of those sites that are un-monitored, nor an un-managed dumping ground for such.

Any/all new registered users are filtered via our system, and then reviewed independently via a human (SmokinStangs Staff)...prior to becoming an official member of the site.
Any usernames that do not have direct relevance to the hobby are/ and will be closely scrutinized.

A good rule of thumb...
If what your posting feels wrong and/or questionable, then it probably is.


Thank you!!