View Full Version : Link to "PFH" - Project Fallen Hero is up on SmokinStangs.com

  1. Link to PFH - Project Fallen Hero is up on SmokinStangs.com
  2. PFH Stock Injectors?
  3. anybody up for working on maj caleros car this sunday?
  4. PFH Strategy meeting this Sunday, 3pm
  5. American Muscle steps up for PFH!!
  6. Project Fallen Hero meeting, Sunday November 7th
  7. Project fallen hero- might have more parts on the way!!
  8. Thanks to Bob for his SMOKIN dontions to PFH!!!
  9. Can you help PFH?????
  10. Project Fallen Hero Part Deux!!
  11. Nov 21st was cut off date for Info......
  12. Project Fallen Hero comes to a screeching STOP!!!
  13. Who will step up and help us complete Project Fallen Hero??
  14. Woo-Hoo !!! It's Christmas!
  15. PFH - Moving the car 12/5/10
  16. Winter Home 12/6 starting updates
  17. Winter Home 12/6/10 Running Updates
  18. Thank You to the TASCA family!!!!
  19. Joey B and Advanced Auto parts step up for PFH!!!!
  20. 1-800-radiator helps pfh cool off!!
  21. Late Model Restoration is now on board!!
  22. Southern NH Undercar donates a custom made cat-back
  23. Update list of what we need...
  24. To the PFH community
  25. UPR products helps PFH get "Suspended"
  26. PFH workshop- Sunday 12/26
  27. ****** Next Workshop 1/9 *****
  28. Late Model Restoration had confirmed the following items...
  29. Anyone want to work PFH on 1/30?
  30. Viking Motorsports in Wakefield, MA helps PFH!!!!
  31. Motorhead Magazines now available to all PFH volunteers!!!
  32. Late Model Restoration gets our rear suspension!!
  33. Next step in the PFH saga
  34. Sunday February 20th
  35. Feb 27th Next workshop, close to STARTING it!!!
  36. Feb 27th Worshop Update
  37. Starting line in sight
  38. OK Folks, Next Workshop to start it ......
  39. Had a great (Engine Fires) workshop today 3/26/11, but.....
  40. Update 4/8/11 Where Do We Go From Here???
  41. ED Day
  42. Fabio contact info
  43. PFH to look shiny and new this fall!!!
  44. TMI Industries really came through for us -- WOO-HOO !!!!!
  45. PFH - Goes to school!!!
  46. Kwik auto body supply of medford, ma has delivered all the paints etc!!!
  47. Project Fallen Hero UPDATE!!!! A whole new meaning to our tribute to Major Calero
  48. OK, Give Big ED a...
  49. American Muscle has confirmed another shipment to PFH!!!
  50. PFH and Lynn Tech get some ink on Veterans Day!
  51. Project Fallen Hero is moving right along at Lynn Tech!!
  52. Project Fallen Hero is moving right along at Lynn Tech!! UPDATE 2.17.12
  53. There's paint in the air (and on Project Fallen Hero)
  54. Late Model Restoration comes through AGAIN for Project Fallen Hero!!!
  55. PFH: Lynn Tech hands the car back to Project Fallen Hero
  56. PFH is now at Southern NH Undercar
  57. Newspaper article about Lynn Tech and PFH
  58. PFH: Southern NH Undercar does its magic!
  59. OK folks, looking for help here!
  60. PFH ... FINAL Stretch 'til ED Day 4/28/12 at New England Dragway
  61. Video person needed at Ed Day
  62. Pictures leading up to the PFH Presentation Ceremony
  63. PFH: The Ceremony at Ed Day
  64. Project Fallen Hero- June 2012 issue of New England Automotive Report
  65. Special Delivery: Project Fallen Hero